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Braids & Buttons and Rosettes & Colour Matching & Contemporary & Fringes & Heritage & Ropes and Cords & Tassels & Tie Backs, 25th October 2017

Country Life magazine article on the endangered craft of Passementerie

Radcliffe Red List of Endangered Crafts

Earlier this year The Radcliffe Trust funded an investigation by the Heritage Crafts Association (HCA) to assess the vitality of traditional heritage crafts in the UK and to identify those crafts most at risk of disappearing. For the purposes of this research a heritage craft was defined as “a practice which employs manual dexterity and skill and an understanding of traditional materials, design and techniques, and which has been practiced for two or more successive generations”.

In May 2017 the HCA published The Radcliffe Red List of Endangered Crafts, the first research of its kind in the UK. It identified 4 crafts as being extinct, 17 as critically endangered and 45 as endangered. Sadly, Passementerie was found to be in the category of “endangered”.

Following on from the publication of the Red List there has been a great deal of press interest in Endangered Crafts and Country Life magazine decided to feature every craft on the list in a series of photographs, the first of which appeared on August 16th. I’m delighted to say that today’s issue features Passementerie.

You can see the piece of cream and blue braid I have woven coming off the loom and going up over the top to the tensioning mechanism.

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