Tassels for a Lutyens Concentric Hoop Light Fitting

Colour Matching & Lighting & Tassels, 15th June 2017

I have recently completed quite a large project for Candia Lutyens. It is a light fitting to Edwin Lutyen’s original design, including the intricate chequer board design – but updated to include LED light bulbs.

Lutyens Concentric Hoop Light

I have just completed the tassels for this amazing light fitting for Candia Lutyens. It is very large with the ceiling tassel being over 60cms long and the diameter of the “wheel” over a metre across. There are 12 smaller tassels around the circle in a very particular bright green highlighted with royal blue.

Lutyens Concentric Hoop Light

Lutyens Concentric Hoop Light

The green fabric was quite difficult to match and I ended up blending a bright green with a yellow thread to get exactly the right tone. I made this into a fine cord to cover the moulds and a thicker bullion for the skirts.

I made the finer cord for the netting from royal blue thread. I always make myself a little card cylinder of exactly the right size for each new job – to make it easier to get all the nets the same.

The nets need to be a snug fit on the moulds. I pull up the thread at the top to make it fit and run a line of stitches around the bottom to enable me to draw that in too.

Then I attached the skirt to the mould. I use Copydex which I allow to dry to the “tacky” stage before bringing the two parts together – which avoids getting glue in places where you don’t want it!

Lastly, on the small tassels, is the ruff which covers the join between mould and skirt.

The tops of the tassels will be positioned close to the wooden hoop of the light fitting so I didn’t need to add anything else to them.

The large tassel, from which the whole fitting is suspended, was made in exactly the same way. It also had an extra section with stripes of thick blue cord which I twisted in opposite directions to give an “ears of wheat” effect.

The skirt was too big to get a decent photo of it in my workroom but you can see it on the long shot of the finished fitting. Once my tassels were made I sent them off to be assembled with the rest of the fitting – including the beautiful hand blown glass saucers. I think the result is stunning.

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Your work is amazing. I just saw your post on a FB page I follow.
I’ve been a weaver for years, but never imagined doing anything like what you do.