Snowdrop Inspiration – Tasselled braid

Braids & Inspiration & Tassels, 7th February 2017

These beautiful snowdrops inspired me to make a simple tasselled braid

Following on with the theme of “greenery” I saw these beautiful snowdrops in my local churchyard. They always brighten my heart being one of the very first signs that spring will soon be here. I love the contrast between the pure white flowers, the slightly blue/grey green of the leaves and the brighter green at the very top of the petals. ¬†So I wondered if it would be possible to made a tiny, delicate, braid that represented them

As with all tasseled braids the first thing to do is to set up the loom and actually weave the braid. In this case I used wires to shape the picot loops and the longer loops which would eventually be used to attach the tassels

Once the braid was woven I used a brighter green thread to attach the pure white tassels. By pulling on the bright green threads before trimming the tassels it’s possible to cut them shorter than the tassel so that they don’t show through at the bottom of the completed tassel

I’m really pleased with the finished result and when I was taking photographs of it I realised that, if I held it ¬†upright it could also represent Lily-of-the-valley flowers, or maybe Soloman’s Seal



Such a beautiful transmission of nature’s beauty in the shape of snowdrops – or lilies of the valley – into a textile braid. Solomon’s seal – yes, I can see that too.