Pantone colour of the year 2017 – Greenery

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It wasn’t until I reviewed my archived photos that I realised just how much I have used green in my trimmings

wide green braid

When I heard that the Pantone colour of the year was “greenery” my first thought was that it would make a change to use green as the basis of some trimmings. Then I looked back through some photos of previous jobs and found that I had used green rather more often than I had realised.

Whilst most of these don’t have green as the predominant colour it certainly features quite a lot…

Green makes a really good “foil” for a number of other colours and can really make them sing out.


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Jan Miller

I wouldn’t be surprised at the amount of green in your liturgical work. Green is the color of Pentecost season and, as such, is dressing the sanctuary for half of the year (while some other liturgical colors will only be out for a few days a year). This means that green paraments in particular are out of their wrappings in the drawer and mounted in place, possibly being abused and definitely getting light damage. Thankfully we have you to restore these beautiful works of textile art.