Painting on Warp

Braids & Contemporary & Design & Inspiration, 4th January 2017

Painting on warp gives some very interesting braids

painted warp

I’ve recently been experimenting with painting on warps.  It’s quite a lengthy, messy process but it gives some interesting results.

First the warp was wound, in this case I used 10 metres – enough to play with but not too much to handle! It’s important to tie the warp at regular intervals to stop it getting into an enormous knot. The procion dyes were mixed and thickened to stop the colours from “bleeding”.

Next sections of the warp were wetted with a soda ash solution before the dye was painted on.

As each section was finished it was wrapped in plastic sheet and loosely wound up allowing the next section to be painted.  Once the whole warp had been painted it was rinsed to remove the excess dye and then put back onto the warping board ready to be wound onto the loom.

First I woven some of the warp up just as it came off the “reel” which gives a nice mottled effect.

Then I alternated the painted warp with a red striped warp and crossed them both with a purple weft!

This has all been very experimental and I’ve learned a lot from doing it. I have a feeling this is something I may well come back to fairly soon….


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