Replacement Fringe for Fonthill Pattern Chairs

Braids & Colour Matching & Fringes & Heritage & Restoration / Reproduction, 20th January 2017

Creating replacement trimmings for antique furniture is always more of a technical challenge than a design one as it is about trying to get as close to the original as possible.

Detail of Fonthill pattern chair

l am often asked to recreate trimmings for special antique pieces. ┬áIn this case it was a black and cream fringe to go on “Fonthill pattern” chairs supplied to Fonthill Abbey, Wiltshire, circa 1795 – 1800. Now in a private collection.

The fabric was a mix of black and cream and I created a blend of 4 colours in the fringe below a “chequerboard” heading.

When weaving fringe I always use a “cutting warp” along the side which ensures an even length when the it is trimmed. You can see this running along the righthand side.

The chairs were restored and sold by Paul Shutler who is an excellent source of very high quality furniture and works of art.

With the colours of the fringe matching the fabric exactly, and the heading being just the right size for the metal nail heads, I think the finished chairs look fantastic.


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