Handwoven bespoke braid – inspired by Lupins!

Braids & Colour Matching & Contemporary & Design & Inspiration, 23rd July 2016

This wide braid was inspired by the colours of the lupins in my garden

Last year the aphids ate all the lupins in my garden. ┬áThis year they came up in different places, where they seemed much happier and produced masses of flowers. ┬áThe colours were so lovely that, unlikely as it might seem, I found myself “inspired by lupins” – to produce a handwoven bespoke braid based on those colours :


I pulled together some threads and made up a warp to put on the loom:


Actually it was 5 different warps so that I could swap the colours between the blocks. This is the result:



I was so pleased with the result that I wondered what it would look like with some matching buttons:



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