Bespoke handwoven braid for horsehair fabric

Braids & Colour Matching & Uncategorised, 29th January 2016

A bespoke braid to complement a modern twist on a very traditional fabric. Beautiful colours in a lovely horsehair fabric from John Boyd Textiles.

Narrow bespoke braid with fabric

I was recently asked to create a narrow bespoke handwoven braid to complement this lovely horsehair fabric from John Boyd Textiles.  As you can see there are a lot of different colurs, ranging from cream and pale browns, through rusty tones to black. The fabric is very fine, with a slight sheen.  The challenge was to pick enough of the right colours, without using too many and making it look “muddy”. I’m very happy with the result and think it will look fantastic on the finished sofa.

As I had some spare warp left on the loom I thought it would be interesting to play around with some variations on a theme.  I kept to the same palette of colours but just moved them around a bit. First I changed the colour of the central block of threads to make it slightly more subtle.  Then I dropped the central block of threads out altogether before swapping back to taking out the side stripes.  All these braids are “warp faced”.  That means that the pattern is dominated by the long threads which go the length of the loom.  Most fabric is “balanced” meaning that the warp and weft threads have equal dominance and you can see equal amounts of each colour.  Even though these braids are warp faced I made some samples with black weft threads rather than cream, which you can mainly see along the edges.  All in all I ended up with 6 completely different braids all based on the same loom set up.

Here are the five variations:

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