Coronation braids for a blind

Braids & Colour Matching, 22nd November 2015

This Manuel Canovas fabric has beautiful embroidery

Grey and taupe Coronation braids

This project was to create braids to go on a Roman blind in an en-suite bathroom. The fabric is by Manuel Canovas and it is beautifully embroidered with threads which have a subtle sheen. The client wanted both a flat braid and a fan-edge. I decided to make the braids in a style known as “Coronation”. These Coronation braids use pairs of cords which are twisted in opposite directions to make a “V” pattern along the braids. I chose to concentrate the threads with a slight sheen in that corded detail. You can see that the handwoven Coronation braids are very soft, supple, and complement the fabric exquisitely.

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