Kimberley Hall

Braids & Design, 16th March 2013

Kimberley Hall is a beautiful eighteenth century house set in wonderful parkland in mid Norfolk. I created purple and gold trimmings for the wedding/event venue

One of the many things I love about my job is that I get to visit some wonderful places.  I was recently contacted by the owners of Kimberley Hall in mid Norfolk, a truly beautiful house dating from 1712, set in wonderful park land.

The project was to create bespoke trims for the pelmets of deep purple figured velvet curtains.  The four tall, narrow, windows are in a curved passageway that links the main house to the function room.  

The clients had seen a braid they liked, but it wasn’t big enough to be noticed on pelmets of this scale.  So, keeping the client’s original idea in mind, I designed a similar trim but on a much larger scale.   To get just the right mix of colours I used four different shades of purple, together with two shades of gold.

Whenever you see tassels on a braid they will have been made by hand. The following photos show the process for each tassel.

The end result was a bespoke trim in exactly the right colour and scale, handmade for this particular setting.  And of course it is completely unique to this customer.  The only time I’ve ever duplicated a trimming was when a client wanted to recreate a specific room setting, in their second house which was in a different country!

The finished curtains in situ

The finished curtains in situ

Finally, what we ended up with for the pelmets was a deep fan edge braid with tassels 2 fans apart, in the picture below.

Tassels with 2 fans between

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