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Braids & Heritage & Restoration / Reproduction & Traditional, 22nd May 2018

Until now using gimp has always meant having to buy in large quantities – with very high costs

Gimp machine

Hugely exciting news – I have recently acquired a machine which will enable me to make my own gimp thread. This means that I can make very small quantities for heritage projects and also that I can control the thickness and the quality. It’s very technical – and I don’t pretend to understand the electronics behind it – but it makes fabulous threads.

Here are some photos of the various parts of the machine – essentially a core of threads, which may or may not also contain a wire, is tightly wrapped with another thread at 90 degrees to the core.

Obviously the rate at which the core is pulled through is relative to the speed at which the wrapping takes place and everything has to be adjusted according to the thickness of both the core and the wrapping thread.  All of which means there is quite a bit of setting up but once it’s all up and running I can change the colour of the

wrapping thread quite easily. It isn’t very quick but the end result is certainly worth it.

gimp braid on loom

gimp braid on loom

A finished braid

A finished braid

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