Key tassel inspired by a winter sky

Tassels, 23rd November 2015

Norfolk is often referred to as the county with “big skies”…

Winter sky inspiration for key tassel

This simple key tassel is based on the colours of the Norfolk sky.  Walking along the quiet lane behind my house with my son late one November afternoon I looked up and saw this fantastic mix of colours. I couldn’t resist taking a quick photo and then, back home, I was inspired to make a simple key tassel incorporating those colours. As you can see it is a mix of the blue, white, and grey of the sky with a very dark green thread binding all the other threads together.

First I made a short piece of thin cord and tied a loop of about 5cm.  Then I gathered a group of the other threads together and tied them between the loose ends of the cord.  Finally I used the green thread to whip them together before trimming the ends to the desired length.