Making Bullion Fringe

Fringes & Ropes and Cords & Traditional, 15th October 2013

Making bullion fringe is quite a laborious process – but I do get to spend the day in a fantastic old building

I don’t often get asked for bullion fringe but as I have just made some I thought you might like to see the procedure involved. It is time consuming as I have to make and twist all the cord which I then weave up to make the fringe.  Obviously I want to make the cords as long as possible, to minimise the number of joins, but there is also a practical limit in terms of both handling the threads and in where I can work.  In theory you can make bullion outside, but as it needs to be a perfectly still day – wind plays havoc when you are trying to lay out 30 or 40 threads at a time – and low humidity – damp air means the bullion doesn’t hold the twist – there are very few days in the year where this is possible.

Luckily our small rural village has a beautiful old church which is only used twice a month for services.  With a typical church layout it has a long narrow space between the font and the altar – perfect for making bullion.  Although it can be very cold in mid-winter it is a lovely place to work and I seldom get disturbed which is useful when you are concentrating on counting the number of twists being put in to the cord.

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Susannah Sullivan

My name is Susannah and I am looking (without much luck) for 2 yards of gold bullion fringe that is 3/4″ in length. I need some for trimming a small, flag that I am making as a display. Would you be able to do such a custom order or do you know of anyone who could? If that’s to much of a hassle I could probably do a brush trim in a pinch. Also, how much would it cost to get it and then ship it to Oregon?
Thank you very much!