My Work Space

Braids & Design & Looms, 3rd September 2013

I have reached the point where my records are taking up too much space in the workroom and starting to encroach on the actual work space

I keep records of everything I have made. It helps to be able to quickly adapt a previous design rather than starting from scratch, and very occasionally I have been asked to make more of something I made several years ago.  My current work space is very limited.

if you saw the photo in World of Interiors magazine – a much better photo that my snap – you would have seen that it is very  cramped.  My floor loom is quite large and needs space around it so that I can work on it and mend the odd broken thread.

Happily, there are plans afoot for me to move in to a much bigger room before the end of the year.  My family are under the impression that it will mean that my work will no longer occupy every possible space in virtually every room in our house

The building work on my new workspace has now been completed, you can see my new room here

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