Colour Matched Rope

Colour Matching & Ropes and Cords, 12th September 2013

Colour matching is so important if you want the finishing touches to look perfect

I thought I would share this project with you because it is a very good example of the work that is needed to get a really good colour match. It is one of those things that clients don’t necessarily notice – they just know it looks fantastic – but they would notice if the colour matching was poor. The fabric was a pale blue and browny/green mix and the project was for 1/2″ wide rope for pelmets and lambrequin. The first task is to pull out the threads that I think will be needed to get a good match and to lay them on the fabric to check that they do actually work. As the rope needs to be fairly thick I am going to make it 3-ply using 3 different colours – each of which will also be a 3-ply cord.

I made the blue cord first, because I was pretty certain that the threads I had selected would make a good match first time. It did.

At this stage I wasn’t absolutely sure how these cords would work together so I made them up as a rope to check.

This is the result. Not awful, but not good enough either. I’m happy with the blue but the green is too dark, as is the mixed cord. Time to try again.

Combining these new cords together gave a   much better overall mix for the rope.

There were actually a couple more stages where I made intermediary colour samples – but I haven’t included them because I didn’t want my blog to cause anyone to go to sleep! Suffice to say it takes a lot of time – but it also gives great results.

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